Waste management, undoubtedly is a major concern in Gurgaon; every day as much as 500 tons of waste reaches the city landfill. Burgeoning population, inadequate waste management systems and public apathy have led the city struggling for years, to find a way to responsibly manage the ever-increasing amount of trash.

Segregation of waste at source into wet and dry waste is one of the first steps towards an efficient and solid waste management system. Honestly, you would agree too; that it is the most important step!
Why is waste not being segregated?
Some say it is because of lack of awareness. Some say due to unavailability of proper waste bins. And, others have no answer.

But it should not remain like that though! You too can segregate waste at your premises! Segregating waste hardly takes any extra time and it doesn't cost money either!
How to start segregating waste!
Initially, you can start waste segregation at your home by treating waste from your kitchen as wet waste, while the other waste from the rest of the house as dry waste. Take two separate bins.

One, which will have all the wet waste including cooked and uncooked food, fruit and flower waste and small quantities of fallen leaves sweepings etc, and the other, will have all the dry waste which includes paper, plastic, wood, rubber, metals, fabrics, glass, objects, wire, cloth rag, leather etc.

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