5 ways to make recycling easy

1. Know what can be recycled
There is a list of things that can be recycled and a list of those that cannot be recycled. Research a little, read up a bit and make sure you know what these things are.
Milk cartons, paper, paperboard, steel and aluminium cans, and some types of plastic can be recycled. Most packaging that can be recycled carry the recycle symbol on it.
2. Know where to recycle
Spot the recycling centre in your area. Every locality has one. Also look out for collection groups and recycle bins so you know exactly where to get rid of the recyclable waste.
3. Use products that can be recycled
Switch to eco friendly products wherever possible. Choose products packed in packages with a recycle symbol on it.
4. Segregate waste
Have two separate dust bins for dry and wet waste. Segregation is the first and most important step in recycling waste. The treatment of dry waste and wet waste is very different from each other hence they should not be mixed. Organic waste is called wet waste and inorganic waste is categorised as dry waste.
5. Spread the awareness
Talk to people about waste segregation and educate them about sorting wet and dry waste. Remember that two is better than one especially when it comes to joining hands and saving the environment.

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